A fortune to be involved…

Did you ever meet someone and they are so perfect in every way, to be a portion of your spirit? Somebody that you don’t have to ask to share what they have in their lives, But definitely they automatically shared with you, What they’re having on their lives. Like the true Families,Friends and so on. They touched your hearts to feel that you’re not alone living in this world, Because they want to share something or maybe every moment they do…

Have you ever imagined how lucky are we to meet the people like them? Even sometimes we know for ourselves that even we’re not part of them, We can still be totally perfect and complete in other ways of living in this world. We can enjoy and still be satisfied to handle everything that we had. But sometimes the reason why they are coming, They are not trying to help us to be part of them, Maybe they’re the one who is having the feeling of being incomplete on their personality. They try to fit their personality to the blank parts of us. Because they’re hoping, that. If they put their personality on the lack parts of yours, Both of you will have the same feelings of every individual has a chance to complete their living on Earth. 

Perhaps not in the moments, But in the Future. 

So, if we ever encoutered this kind of person, Let’s give them a chance to try what they wants to prove and to give. Take these opportunities as a Blessing. Because even if they don’t succeed in their plans on ours. Probably there’s a moral to be find out why they come. 

What is Relationship for you?

It’s not about giving them yourself/Heart. Everything comes on How. Like?

- How you support?

- How you understand?

- How you treat?

- How you explain yourself?

- How you manage the situations?

and many more…

There’s a lot of things to know, when we talked about Relationship. You should give a lot of time,days,weeks,months and years to explain what is Relationship is all about. It’s not all about your feelings. Not because someone is always on your side. you would call it, you’re loving each other. You must have a lot of trials to overcomes. You must know How you Support, Understand, Treart, Explain yourself and Manage the Situations when both of you facing every situations. Not every partners can do this well. Maybe you can do this perfectly when both of you have an Open Minded and have Loyalty,Trust and something you can assure that whatever happen. You have both of you. :) 

"Pag- True Love mukha kang tanga"


Tangina. True love nga to.

Just so you know…..

Who you ka sa’kin pag natupad ko mga pangarap ko! 


Good thing that I just had 2 sticks of cigarettes yesterday and I really need to stop using this shit slowly. 

I wanna be your favorite hello and your hardest Goodbye.

Sometimes I wish you were in my place just to know how I feel. Simple lang naman ang babaeng pina-pangarap ko. Yung tipong makakasama ko sa lahat ng kasiyahan, kalungkutan at sa lahat ng maaari pa naming pagdaanan.  Yung hindi ako iiwan. I don’t need someone to tell me how much they love me. I need someone that can show me.

Osige na nga, Kina-ganda at kinahaba na ng buhok mo yang ginagawa at kaartehan mo. :)))

Imba ka talaga. Young wild and Free ang peg sa buhay. 

This is the time to accept the fact

ito na yung tamang oras, at buo na ang desisyon ko. Masaktan na kung masasaktan, Ang mahalaga malaman mo at maramdaman mo na gusto kita at mahal kitang talaga. God knows natakot ako ako, at ayokong nang maulit muli yung mga panahon ng pinagsisishan jo na dati.

Alam mo kung anong Pinaka-mapait sa lahat?

Yun ay AMPALAYAin ka.